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Air Conditioning Maintenance for Commercial and Residential Properties

Air Conditioning Installation

Keeping cool in your home or office makes everyone feel better and can be essential to physical well-being. If you live in an area like Houston, Texas where most summer days reach 100° or higher, air conditioning (AC) is necessary. It may seem that once an AC system is installed, that is all that needs to happen. The system will run and maintain the temperate set.

 On the contrary, regular maintenance will extend the life of an AC unit and keep it running efficiently. Here are some areas to inspect at least annually for maximum AC performance.

 Filters: Filters in the ventilation system are important to eliminate allergens and other particles from circulating in inside and back to the AC fans. Over time, the particles caught in the filter build up and make the AC unit work hard to force the cooled air through the ducts and into the living and working spaces. Change out filters often especially if it looks gray or black.

 Grates: The grates holding the filters or covering an air duct can also develop a build-up of dust and other particles. Vacuum these grates monthly. Any build-up of materials in the system will force the AC unit to work harder. If the unit works too hard for too long, it will break down.

 AC coils: These are essential to the system and benefit from a gentle cleaning at least once a year. Do not take apart the unit to find the coils; just use a soft brush to remove debris or build-up around the unit. Do not use a pressure washer on an AC unit because the strong wet spray will damage fan blades or other delicate interior parts.

 Obstructions: Check the system part for obstructions. This is important for inside and outside units. If any outside unit is screened from view by shrubs, trees or other greenery, make sure the plants are trimmed back well so nothing rests on the unit or blocks air flow to the unit. If you can access inside units, periodically check for dust build up or to make sure items stored around the unit do not rest on it or block any openings.

 Thermostat: If you have a programmable thermostat, change the settings to match your schedule. If everyone is out of the house during the day, raise the temperature so the AC does not work as hard to keep an empty house cold. For an office that is empty at night, change the temperate setting so the AC does not work all night. Also, avoid setting an unrealistic temperature goal. If it is 110° outside, setting the AC at 60° will put too much strain on the unit.

 Leaks: Check windows and doors for leaks or poor seals. Hot air leaking in will make the AC work harder.

 Annual check-up: Many AC professionals offer an annual maintenance check to inspect the AC unit and ventilation system. It can be worth the cost to ensure the unit is working well.

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