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Air Conditioning Installation for Commercial and Residential Properties


When the summer heat overcomes your existing air conditioning (AC) system, replacing the system seems daunting. Finding a reliable company to provide and install a new AC system requires some research unless you have purchased a home or commercial warranty that covers that system. The warrant most likely will refer you to a contracted company.

 Looking for a company to install a new system means you need an HVAC company. What does HVAC stand for? It means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. AC systems are tied into the ventilation system in your home or office so it does more than just cool the air. Fresh air return and intake are part of the process and it ensures that the air does not get stale inside.

 The ventilation ducts carry both heated and cooled air so it is important to find a professional HVAC to make sure a new AC unit works with the existing ventilation network.

 Square footage to be cooled: it is important to know the square footage to be cooled in order for the contractor to recommend strong enough machinery. AC systems come in many sizes so make sure the unit can easily handle the square footage.

 Location of the unit: Will the AC compressors be inside or outside? Again, different units are available for both inside and outside units. These are heavy and contain fans that spin at a very fast rate so it is also important to make sure these are not readily assessable to small children or animals.

 Fresh air return: How often does the home or office ventilation system completely replace the interior air with fresh, outside air will impact the AC unit as well as interior air quality. The more often fresh air is drawn in, the more often the AC will turn on to cool the new, hot air.

Filtration: The type of inside duct filtration can impact the efficiency of the AC. Heavier, allergen filters can increase the pressure needed to blow air through the ducts and filters also keep particles from going back into the compressors. Filters in the ventilation system need to be clean and checked on a regular basis for build-up.

 Wiring: The AC unit needs to be able to operate off the existing wiring system. Power levels are standardized but still need to verification as part of the installation.

 Drip pans: AC generates condensation so, if inside, a drip pan and drainage system needs to be present and in good working order. Outside units need to drain as well but are not as complex since it can drain to the concrete slab underneath.

 Controls: The thermostat wired to the AC unit needs to be connected. Setting reasonable cooling levels for the climate will impact the longevity of the unit. In hot areas where days will be 100° or more, try not to set an extreme low setting.

 An HVAC company will check the systems noted above during the install to ensure the new AC system works well.

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