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The Importance of Regular AC Service and Proactive Repairs


AC Service

Many people do not understand the importance of having systems within buildings maintained and inspected on a regular basis, but the truth is that it is important to do this. It is particularly important with air conditioners, although people may not be aware of this. Even if you don’t notice any problem with the air conditioner in your commercial or residential building, it should be serviced at least once every year, ideally in the springtime. The purpose of this is to ensure that the air conditioner is operating at the highest energy efficiency possible, so that it is capable of doing its job and cooling your building down when you need it the most in the summer.

While your HVAC system is running, it will accumulate dirt and dust in areas that are instrumental to its efficiency, such as the air filters and condensing coils. If this is not addressed, the system can lose 5 percent of its operating efficiency every year due to the build-up. This may not seem like a major problem, but it can mean that your air conditioner is not as capable of cooling your building down as it would be if it were at its peak efficiency. This leads to you cranking it up higher and having to pay more for air conditioning when you could have saved a great deal of money by simply having it serviced.

Additionally, if you are having your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis, it is more likely that problems will be caught early on. As is the case with just about anything, it is easiest to fix a problem with AC when it is in its early stages. If the system is being serviced regularly, a technician will likely noticed any beginnings of any problems and notify you of them, so that they can be addressed right away rather than when they start to really cause noticeable issues for everyone in the building.

Of course, if you are noticing issues with your air conditioner, you should have it repaired at that time too. Rather than attempting to repair it on your own, you should contact a trained and licensed technician to tackle the job. If you do not have any experience with this type of job and try to go at it on your own, chances are that you might actually make the problem worse and end up having to pay more to a professional when you do bring them in.

Although it may seem like an unnecessary hassle, having your AC system serviced regularly can actually end up saving you a great deal of time, money, and stress. This is because being proactive can help you address problems when they are still small and manageable rather than waiting until they are out of control. In addition, it will be good to always be up-to-date when it comes to the status of your system and how well it is working.

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